Other Services

  • Cheque Processing
  • Bank Draft /Payment Order
  • Salary Processing
  • Business, Financial & Investment Advisory
  • Safe Custody
  • Fixed Deposits
    For very high interest on deposits, individuals and organizations can lodge funds in Fixed Deposits for a specified period of time. Maturity periods range from 1 to 24 months.A Fixed Deposit can be used as collateral security to obtain a loan from Capital. Investors of Fixed Deposits have options such as: to roller-over their principal invested together with the interest earned, or rollover only the principal and withdraw the interest or the other way round on maturity.
  • Call Deposits
    Unlike the Fixed Deposit which is deposited for a specified period of time, Capital also operatesa Call Deposit. It is suitable for individuals and firms who want to earn attractive interest rates on idle funds awaiting usage at an unspecified future period, for a minimum of 7 days.The minimum amount that can be placed as a Call Deposit is GH¢1,000 

    Customers can easily call back their funds, just by giving a withdrawal notice of at least 24 hours. Place a call deposit to obtain excellent returns on your money, even if it is idle for short periods.